DUI and DWI – A General Information

As of the moment, all the states in the United States of America apply two statutory offenses against acts involving driving under the influence of alcohol.

These offenses are DUI and DWI. DUI stands for driving under the influence and is a term used by most states to describe the state of being legally intoxicated or impaired while driving or operating a motor vehicle. Some states use the initials DWI, which stands for driving while intoxicated or impaired. DUI and DWI may be used interchangeably.

Naturally, there must be a basis for a finding of legal intoxication or impairment. In this case, the threshold is normally when breath tests, blood tests, and/or urine tests show a blood alcohol content or BAC of 0.08%. A finding of intoxication or impairment may also be based on a police officer’s observation on the alleged offender’s slurred speech, driving behavior, bloodshot eyes, and the like. While a police officer’s testament as to the alleged offender’s overall condition when he or she was driving is honored right away, as evidenced by the police officer’s right to arrest such the alleged offender, sobriety tests are still required in order to provide the concerned authorities, such as the police and the court, with solid proof.

DUI or DWI is considered a serious offense both by society and the law. This is because of the dangerous – even fatal – consequences of drunk driving. There are thousands of fatalities attributed to alcohol-related incidents every year. In some tragic cases, the drunk driver escapes death but his or her actions take the lives of innocent people. This is the primary reason why DUI or DWI has severe penalties. If you have been charged with a DUI case, you need to look for a DUI attorney. If you live in Chicago, you need to look for a Chicago DUI attorney right away.

A Chicago DUI attorney, like all DUI attorneys, is an attorney or lawyer who specializes in DUI cases. All lawyers are qualified to practice all fields of law and are in fact licensed to do so. However, some lawyers choose to narrow down their law practice options and concentrate on one or two fields of law. Thus, there are lawyers who focus on DUI defense. These lawyers are the ones you should look for because they are the ones who are familiar with DUI laws and know what defenses you could have.

It is imperative that you find a DUI lawyer immediately because legal representation requires time for preparation. In order to have a good defense, your lawyer should have more than enough time to study your case and make the necessary research.

You can find an excellent Chicago DUI attorney through the Internet; this can help you save time and effort. There are many online directories that have national listings of DUI lawyers. You can even do a background check if you wish. You can ask for feedback from past and current clients, and you can also schedule for a free consultation via email.